This blog documents the modifications necessary to get seaworthy (warts and all), then the adventures (hopefully) on board our Trailer Sailer 6.1 metre Jarcat6 Catamaran, Kismet.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Pintle spacers for alignment

I had to work this morning but I got some stuff done this afternoon.

I have replaced the two 3mm spacers made of unpainted aluminium on the port lower Pintle with a sealed, painted timber spacer - also slightly tapered to align properly.

Both top pintles required a slight change of angle to align with the lower ones. Prior to Sikaflexing tailored pieces of credit card (not an active one - I hope), the top Pintle pointed at the hull on the lower pintle instead of the lower pin. My measurements indicated the misalignment was outside the ability of the Pintle and gudgeon arrangement to compensate.

I'll permanently mount the pintles tomorrow morning. Progress - hooray!

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